Niche Travel Guides: Best things to do in Ibiza

From sipping cocktails at dusk to downward dog at sunrise, the White Isle has something for everyone. We’re here to give you the insider’s guide to the best things to do in Ibiza – so sit back, enjoy the spectacular scenery and allow us to be your tour guide.

The best things to do in Ibiza in 2024

Daytime: Head for the coast

The beaches in Ibiza generate almost as much press as the nightlife, which is why they’re top of our list of the best things to do in Ibiza. 

With crystal-clear waters and effortlessly cool beach clubs, there’s nothing better than cooling off in Cala Conta, paddling in the shallows of Cala Bassa and exploring the coves at Cala Vadella. We love the privacy of Atlantis and the escapism of Cala San Vicente, but you’ll find the perfect beach for your holiday in our guide. Of course, we recommend visiting more than one, and with each beach just a short hop in the car from the next, there’s nothing stopping you.

Psst…For the more adventurous souls, we’ve created a guide to the island’s secret beaches and charter yacht experiences.

Dusk: Es Vedra at Sunset

One of the reasons we love visiting Ibiza in September, is to make the most of the earlier sunset. As the island begins to cool (just slightly), our gaze turns to Es Vedra where the sun puts on a stunning orange show behind the rocky outcrop. Es Vedra at sunset might be our favourite place to picnic at dusk, but there are a whole host of sunset dining experiences to enjoy, and you’ll find them all in our guide

Dining: Food and wine tasting Ibiza

When we think of Ibiza, we imagine ourselves with a chilled glass of rosé in hand, watching the world go by from a candlelit beachside restaurant. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to the island’s beach clubs, restaurants and local eateries (we’ve even ranked the island’s best paella – an absolute must!). 

Want an authentic Ibizan experience? We’ve unearthed a number of culinary and wine tasting Ibizan experiences in the bohemian Santa Gertrudis, so you can get a taste for island life and live like a local while you’re here.

Finding the best things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza is an island with so much to offer and it’s taken us the best part of three decades to discover what creates the dream Ibizan holiday. For us, it’s about enjoying the perfect mix of nightlife and island life – where we leave feeling balanced and restored. We hope you enjoy our guides and that they inspire you to make the most of your next visit.


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