Es Vedra at sunset

Jutting out from the water, Es Vedra is an uninhabited rocky outcrop shrouded in mythology – from the sirens of Homer’s Odyssey to the lost city of Atlantis. Even if you take the stories with a healthy pinch of sal, there is a real magic about this place, especially at sunset. Sit, soak up the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the sun’s final performance of the day.

Es Vedra is located of the coast on the south east of Ibiza. Our favourite place to watch the sunset over Es Vedra is the Torre des Savinar (watchtower), you can find its location on googlemaps here. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, its a steep climb, but the views are worth every step.

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Filling a basket with Spanish-inspired treats (think meats, olives, cheeses, and artisanal bread) and heading to the watchtower. If you would prefer to enjoy the sunset in comfort with a cocktail or glass of champagne in hand, you can’t beat the roof terrace at the Petunia Hotel, followed by dinner at one of our favourite Italian restaurants in Ibiza – La Mesa Esconidida.

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