Take a food tour in the Old Town

We’ve travelled enough to know that you can never truly understand a culture until you’ve embraced its food. A tasting tour with Ibiza Food Tours (founded by Toby Clarke who has been providing walking tours in Ibiza for years) is a fascinating way to explore Ibiza, to learn the stories behind the traditional dishes and to sample the rich variety of ingredients available in the local markets. The tour lasts up to four hours, and you can also book private tours. Ibiza food tours is one of our favourite things to do in Ibiza with a group of friends.

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The evening tour from Ibiza Food Tours. You’ll eat your way around Ibiza Old Town, guided through restaurant menus, markets and shops, while getting to know local business owners and chefs. You will try tapas prepared by a chef with a Michelin star background, taste local wines, indulge in a sweet pastry from the oldest bakery in Ibiza and finish with a walk through the old town with a locally produced ice cream. If you’re a foodie, we can’t think of a better way to spend a warm summer’s evening on the island.

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Wine Tasting in Ibiza

Wine tasting in Ibiza

Ibizkus is Ibiza’s largest wine exporter and they have a wide variety of wines available to try. You can drop in for a tasting or book a guided experience.

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