Niche Travel Guides: Best restaurants in Ibiza 2021

Ibiza is the place to be when you’re hungry. You could spend an entire month on the island and still only experience just a taste of the best restaurants in Ibiza. 

Local and international chefs have created a diverse and thriving foodie paradise – so much so, that it’s harder to decide where NOT to go. Good thing we’ve compared the paellas, views, cocktails and tapas to create our very own gourmet guide. Ready your tastebuds, they’re about to go on quite the adventure…

Explore the best restaurants in Ibiza

Beach restaurants Ibiza

There’s no better way to start your day than with the beach at your feet, a freshly squeezed smoothie, huevos (eggs) and pancakes, so we head to one of the island’s incredible all-day beach clubs, such as Beachouse or Amante Ibiza.  With excellent food, live DJs, refreshing cocktails and sumptuous sunbeds, you’ll be settling in for an unforgettable day at the best restaurants in Ibiza. Read our guide to discover the best beachside breakfasts and most nourishing lunches – all with a healthy dose of vitamin sea.

Long, luxurious lunches

Salt-baked seabass, grilled octopus, garlic Ibiza red prawns – lunch in Ibiza is either by the sea, from the sea, or both. We love dining on traditional Ibicenco fare at family run establishments like Sa Caleta, Ses Boques and Es Torrent, but you’ll find the perfect place to while away the afternoon in our gourmet guide.

For one of the trendiest new places on the island in 2021 make your way to Jondal on the Southern Coast for sensational seafood by celebrated chef Rafael Zafra.

Dinner with a difference

From rich Italian food in the countryside at Can Domingo or La Paloma to exciting rooftop feasts in Ibiza town restaurants, every evening brings a new culinary adventure. We’ve unearthed the hidden tables, tasted the tapas, pigged-out on pizza and distilled our favourites into this year’s Niche Travel guide.

Michelin star Ibiza

Es Tragon has earned Ibiza its first Michelin star – though, in our opinion, many of the island’s restaurants would be deserving of the award. If you’re craving a gastronomic adventure, make sure you read our guide before booking and make the most of your visit.

Get the dish with Niche Travel Guides

We know how important great food is to your holiday. Rest assured, each restaurant in our guide has been tried and tested, and we only recommend the places that we’d be thrilled to spend our own time in. Plus, we’ve included insider tips, such as where to go for pre-dinner drinks and how to secure the very best tables at the best restaurants in Ibiza. 

Best restaurants in Ibiza - BEACHOUSE


Let the in-house DJ carry you through a morning yoga class, lunchtime lounging and then into evening cocktails.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - CANDOMINGO

Can Domingo

Carb lovers get ready to indulge your cravings at what is (in our opinion) one of the best Italian restaurants in Ibiza.

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Can Mimosa

On our most recent trip to Ibiza in August 2021 we were delighted to discover Can Mimosa, located in our favourite village in Ibiza – Santa Gertrudis.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - CANTERRA

Can Terra

This vibrant tapas bar is always busy – and with good reason! The food is delicious, the atmosphere is lively and the prices are reasonable.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - ESTORRENT

Es Torrent

In a small, remote cove just 8km from Sant Josep, you will find one of Ibiza’s most famous seafood restaurants.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - ESTRAGON

Es Tragon

No trip to Ibiza would be complete without a visit to the only Michelin-starred restaurant on the island.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - ESXARCU

Es Xarcu

Located on the south coast, between Es Torrent and Cala Jondal, the restaurant sits in a truly unspoiled part of the island.

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Best Restaurant in Ibiza


With a laid back atmosphere and Ibiza style décor using natural materials this restaurant feels like it truly belongs on the island.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - LAPALOMA

La Paloma

The motto for La Paloma is ‘Mediterranean food served with love’ and this is precisely what they deliver.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - LAYLAH


We recently heard Laylah being referred to as a ‘den of decadence’ and it’s a description the venue wears well.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - MAYMANTA


Peruvian Chef Omar Malpartida opened Maymanta just last year, but it’s already become our first port of call when our taste-buds are craving spice.

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Ibiza beach restaurant pecador


Just when you thought Ibiza had enough world class restaurants, along comes Pecador, which opened its door in 2020.

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Best restaurants in Ibiza - SALVIA


Book a table at this countryside retreat for an outdoor dining experience surrounded by thousand-year-old olive trees.

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