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A visit to the fashionable Boodiou cocktail bar is a must for any evening spent in Ibiza Town. Known for their impressive cocktail creations, this establishment boasts a team of talented mixologists who extend a warm welcome upon your arrival. Perched atop the bar are an array of expertly infused spirits and homemade syrups, all waiting to be combined into a show-stopping drink. Pull up a stool and allow the experts to shake up a bespoke cocktail tailored to your individual spirit and flavor preferences.

We find ourselves drawn to the expertly crafted Mezcal Negronis, always our first order of the night. But be warned: the drinks are so good that one might intend to enjoy a single cocktail but end up lingering for five.

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Their talents aren’t only in making cocktails, they also offer a seasonal menu of small plates and not to be missed supper clubs, which you can find out about if you follow them on Instagram.

Paradise Lost

With seriously good rum inspired cocktails, regularly changing DJs and a relaxed party atmosphere, Paradise Lost is the perfect venue for groups of friends.

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