Restaurant L’Esprit

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If you’re searching for something completely different, we recommend the Restaurant L’esprit close to Saline beach – it has arguably the most creative menu in St Barts. The chef Jean-Claude Dufour is a bit of an island legend, having worked at Eden Rock for many years before opening his own restaurant. The setting is also effortlessly romantic, you’ll dine in the tropical garden, surrounded by palm trees and candles, with gentle lighting allowing the stars to twinkle overhead.

We have been visiting L’esprit ever since it opened, and it consistently delivers some of the best food in St Barts. If Michelin did a St Barts guide, we think that L’esprit would undoubtedly achieve one.

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If we had to describe the food at L’esprit in one word, it would be ‘indulgent’. Think fois gras with langoustine broth followed by roasted pigeon with chestnut and artichoke tortellini. The desserts change regularly, and are always worth trying, especially if the salted chocolate tart is still on the menu. We’ve eaten our way around most of the island, but we always come back to L’esprit.

Take an early evening stroll along the beautiful Saline beach, then arrive a little early and enjoy a drink at the bar before your feast.

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