Sa Caleta

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If you’re searching for a traditional Ibicenco feast, reserve your table at Restaurant Sa Caleta. For more than thirty years, this family-run restaurant has been serving seafood to loyal locals from its relaxed beach-side terrace. With a view of the cove, framed by dramatic red cliffs, this is a must-visit for anyone wanting a true taste of island life. It’s the perfect restaurant for a long lunch after a morning snorkelling in the bay.

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An extensive menu of traditional Ibizan cuisine. If you haven’t tried ‘Bullit de Peix’ yet, this is the place to experience the island’s traditional fish stew served with rice and aioli. Grilled lobster with fried potatoes and peppers is another must have dish.
The desserts are all home-made and worth a visit alone. We went for the Greixonera – an indulgent bread pudding, and the Flaó – a cheesecake with anise and mint which is an Ibizan speciality.

No visit to Sa Caleta would be complete without trying the Café Caleta. Invented by the family’s grandfather, Pep Pujolet, it’s a heady mix of flambéed brandy, sugar, cinnamon, orange and lemon, blended with coffee and served in a ceramic pot.

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