La Mesa Escondida

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Located on the shores in Cala Carbó on the west coast of Ibiza, La Mesa Escondida translates to the ‘hidden table’ of Ibiza – a name which sums this restaurant up perfectly. With small, rustic tables and a friendly young team, the restaurant has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. What’s more, this restaurant is a bit of a local’s secret. It’s the clear passion for making the most of simple ingredients that shines through at La Mesa Escondida, it’s an experience you will want to return to again and again.

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Chef Lorenzo has teamed up with Hotel Petunia to offer Mediterranean dishes with special Italian touches. The menu is adapted to the season’s freshest ingredients. Many of with comes from their own huerto (orchard), which has an incredible 98 varieties of tomato plus many herbs and vegetables. On our last visit, we fell in love with the fresh pasta with pistachio pesto and prawns – so much so that we have tried (and failed!) to recreate it at home. Desserts include a Lavender panna cotta with seasonal fruit and an indulgent white chocolate ice cream cake.

They have recently moved the restaurant to Hotel Petunia. Arrive early for cocktails on their stunning roof terrace with some of the best views of Es Vedrà in Ibiza.

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