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In a small, remote cove just 8km from Sant Josep, you will find one of Ibiza’s most famous seafood restaurants. In fact, we can’t remember the last time we visited Ibiza without a long lunch at Es Torrent. What started as a humble beach bar in the eighties has transformed into one of Ibiza’s best restaurants with a spectacular terrace. After your feast, it is worth hiring a sunbed to sleep off your lunch and go for a swim in the crystal-clear sea.

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With exceptional service and one of Ibiza’s most idyllic settings, there is a reason why this restaurant is popular with islanders and celebrities alike. We have eaten our way through most of the menu. No visit would be complete without starting with the freshly grilled squid and red Ibizan prawns. For main courses, the Arroz a Banda and blind Paella (they remove all the bones and shells) are both favourites. A few magnums of Ibizkus Rose amongst friends and its time for a snooze on the sunbed.

Restaurant reservations are by telephone only and some of the rice dishes need to be ordered in advance for groups. While it is entirely possible to drive to Es Torrent, you can also arrive by sea, anchor nearby, and ask the restaurant to pick you up by boat. We have also featured Es Torrent in our best places to enjoy Paella in Ibiza.

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