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Nestled along the beautiful coastline of Es Canar beach, close to Santa Eularia, Chiringuito Mamajuana stands out as a jewel in Ibiza for anyone looking for a blend of exquisite seafood, enchanting views, and a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere.

Whether you’re there to savour their signature paella, enjoy a leisurely day by the beach, or partake in their lively events with local DJs, Mamajuana offers an unforgettable slice of the Ibizan lifestyle. Don’t miss the chance to visit this splendid chiringuito on your next trip to Ibiza.

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Chiringuito Mamajuana prides itself on serving delicious, fresh Mediterranean cuisine, with a special focus on the local flavors of Ibiza. They go to great lengths to source their produce from the island, with the fish sourced from local fishermen.

The restaurant’s specialty lies in its wide array of rice and seafood offerings. The sharing dishes are particularly commendable, with the traditional seafood paella and the Iberian pork rice stealing the spotlight.

The drinks menu complements the food perfectly, with a wide variety of wines and cocktails available. The signature Paloma passion, a creative blend of tequila, passion fruit, and pomelo, stands out as a favorite.

Stay updated on live events and DJs by keeping a close watch on their Instagram page.


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